Dear Fellow Sawmiller:

As you consider sawmills, chances are you’re considering other manufacturers. Over the years, we’ve developed a very simple strategy for competing with them: offer you a more ruggedly constructed mill with more features and stronger warranties, for about the same price...or LESS!

We call it The TimberKing Advantage:

4-Post Saw Head – EVERY TimberKing mill has one. It’s only common sense … and it’s the only way to guarantee perfect and consistent alignment between blade and log deck. TimberKing made the first 4-Post portable mills, it’s since become the industry’s most-imitated design.

Solid Welded Twin Beam Cut Deck – EVERY TimberKing mill has a rugged, rigid log deck that’ll take full loads without bending, warping or twisting. Two full-length beams give full support to log and saw-head.

Bigger Cut Throat – EVERY TimberKing mill offers much wider and taller cut throats … up to 34.5" inches wide, 16 inches high with deck clearance up to 36"! That means you can take high dollar jobs cutting wide planks, beams and quarter-sawing that are simply impossible on their mills!

Direct Action Hydraulics – EVERY TimberKing hydraulic mill features Direct Action Hydraulics – the most dependable system for running major mill functions. Eliminates troublesome electric drive systems on competitor’s mills.

Best in Class Features – EVERY TimberKing mill has the premier set of hard-working features in its class to guarantee you top performance. Many of TimberKing’s standard features are either not offered by the competition… or they’re available only as expensive upgrades.

Auto Blade Clutch – EVERY TimberKing mill comes standard with an auto blade clutch. Whether you get the Manual 1220, the Super-Pro 2500, or something in between, you get longer blade life and more convenient operation…standard.

Strongest Warranties – EVERY TimberKing mill is backed with a No-Questions 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee, 2-Year Limited Mechanical Warranty and Five-Year Limited Cutting Deck Warranty.

87-Year Tradition of Trust – EVERY TimberKing mill comes with our un-matched heritage of quality and service. Starting in 1929 our original product was the Belsaw circular mill, the “Old Reliable” of small circle mills. When TimberKing began making portable bandmills, we started with an unfair advantage: our years of experience making rugged, no-nonsense equipment. We looked at what was out there and drew on this experience to make a better mill.

So have a look and see the TimberKing Advantage for yourself! Got questions? Give us a call at 1-800-942-4406.

See you ‘round the sawdust pile,

Will Johnson, President,

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