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TimberKing L200 M Kiln
Product Number: 1608194
Product Description: Made for us by the World's Leading Manufacturer of compact dehumidification kiln systems the L200M is a compact, high performance dry kiln system. It will dry up to 4000 board feet of 4/4 green oak in approximately 4-5 weeks. It will dry up to 2500 board feet of green softwood in about 1-2 weeks. You can set pitch or sterilize with the included auxiliary heater. L200 units include auxiliary heating, two ¼ hp circulating fans, pre-wired electric panel, over-temperature vents and operating manual. Drying chamber is customer-built from plans we provide. L200 M is superior to other widely-sold kilns in that humidity is controlled by a wet bulb thermometer instead of a humidity sensor. Wet bulb is the most accurate way to measure humidity. In addition this controller provides 4 digital readouts of wood moisture content. The system can be set to shut down when all four probes read the target moisture content.
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